22 January 2011

Finally, a BLOG!

Seems like everyone I know has got a blog somewhere donkey years (if not, months) ago. Finally, I am trying to blog!

Setting up a blog is so troublesome for someone so picky like me. Colour scheme and layout and font size and colour and what not! It has taken me a couple of hours to decide this combination, but still, this is the best out of the worst, given the limited template.

While I'm still trying to upload my 3000+++ pictures into my external harddisk in order to blog (don't worry! I'm not going to upload all and bored you to tears!), and also, I'm trying to figure out how to post into my different pages as setup already on top... this site will be...


Do check back in a few days time and I hope you will be able to see something, at least, by then!


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